affiliate marketing beginnen

Affiliate is a performance-based advertisement, and bloggers can also be said to be affiliates in general.

There are many people who want to increase their income by producing results in a side business, or quit their main job and become independent. Some people take the form of being hired by someone even in a side job, and some people take the form of work contract.

Even in such a way, affiliate is one of the business categories that many people are working on.

Affiliates paste advertisements on their own blogs, affiliate sites, e-mail magazines, etc., and earn revenue when the advertisement is “clicked”, inquiries are generated through the “installed advertisement”, and products are sold. born.

Rank your site high in Google Search Results get now

The points at which these revenues are generated are different for each ad, and the amounts vary.

Affiliate advertising is mediated by a specialized ASP company, and affiliates can choose their favorite advertisement from among a myriad of various advertisements.
The most important tasks in affiliate

The commentary on affiliates has become long, but many people are working on affiliates, blogs, and e-mail magazines, but there are things that cannot be avoided in these side jobs.

It is the work of “writing” articles and e-mail magazines.

Writing is important in affiliate marketing!

Affiliates write articles, expose them in Google search results, and generate revenue because many people visit their media.

When Google evaluates a site, the biggest evaluation point is whether the text is a suitable response to the search keyword.
Both humans and Google require characters
character required

Also, if humans want to say something and get information, they have no choice but to read characters at present.

Therefore, if you are an affiliate, writing sentences is the basic of the basics, and you can’t avoid it.

However, writing a sentence steadily is good at first because there is a lot to write, but after a certain amount of work, there will be a moment when it becomes “painful”.

It’s hard to work after work every day or before work starts.

It’s not a big deal to work one day at a time, but affiliates aren’t so sweet that you can get results just by doing one-time work.

It is necessary to continue the work of writing articles for at least 100 days, even if it is 200 days or 300 days.
when i got results

I got my first reward as an affiliate after writing more than 100 articles, and the reward exceeded 100,000 yen after writing 200 to 300 articles.

In this way, in order to make money with affiliates, you will have to write a lot of sentences.

What’s more, it’s not enough to simply write sentences lazily, but it is necessary to think about the search intent firmly and write articles that satisfy the search committee.

So, I think it can be said that there are two major factors that determine whether or not you can make money with affiliates.

Writing quality articles that satisfy search intent
Being able to write a certain amount of articles steadily

These two.

So how can we do that? Next, I would like to introduce the technique.
Writing quality articles that satisfy search intent

First of all, technique is important to write high-quality articles, but above all, what is necessary is to stand in the position of “searchers = readers” and to write articles that benefit readers. ”.

A “way of thinking” that tries to be useful from the standpoint of the “reader”

If you have this mindset, you will be able to see the search results firmly and write what the reader wants in a necessary and sufficient length and content so that the reader can easily understand.

Although it is very abstract, this alone will complete the article with SEO measures.

Of course, there are many details to note.

Various techniques such as co-occurring words, composition, and headlines are also important, but without this idea of ​​”putting yourself in the reader’s shoes,” no matter how many techniques you have, they will not work. Conversely, even if you don’t have the technique, if you have this way of thinking, there are many things that will go well.
Being able to write a certain amount of articles steadily

Then there is the question of how to continue working.

Actually, this is the most difficult.

If it’s only 10 or 20 articles, anyone can do it if they want to.

So, this is at least 200 articles, I have no choice but to decide to achieve it and work on it.

It will be a complete theory of guts, but make a table of 200 squares, put the date in the squares to write, put a circle or a check, enjoy the achievement like a game, or clarify the purpose and goal of working on affiliates, I just have to keep myself motivated.

Is it guts, or do you make a table to continue the motivation of action? Currently, there is no other way.

Persistence or motivation required

I digressed a bit today, but I wanted to give you some tips on how to become a successful affiliate.

affiliate marketing beginnen